Why do Car Buyers spend $1,243.60 more, maybe you should sit down for this

Why do Car Buyers spend $1,243.60 more, maybe you should sit down for this

Massachussetts Institute of Techonology Scientist conducted a study on the sense of feel and how it affects our price. 86 people were offered a new car with a price of $16,500. The participants were asked to negotiate as they normally would for a car. The people who were sitting on the soft chairs were more relaxed and spent an extra $1,234.60 on the vehicle. The people in the hard chairs were much tougher to deal with and did not raise the price even close to the $1,234.60.

The study showed our sense of touch affected our general perception of everything. If the participants were holding something heavy they took a more serious approach and perception of the item, resume or survey. The participants were asked to read a passage written on sand paper and they determined that the story was about someone having a difficult relationship. When they read the same story written on smooth paper they determined the relationship was friendly.

As a dealership it might be worth it to sit in a few chairs around the office and make sure they are comfortable. As a customer you might be wise to request a stool. http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/328/5986/1712