America’s cars are getting old! Like the rest of us

America’s cars are getting old! Like the rest of us

America’s cars are getting old! Eventually the cost of maintaining those older vehicles just doesn’t make sense anymore. In 2009 RL Polk released a study that estimated the average age of a vehicle on the road was 9.4 years! This will mean that at least 50 million cars need to be replaced very soon.

Replacing these older vehicles with newer models probably under warranty will give these buyers a laundry list of savings. Let’s start with the all important GO GREEN savings, newer vehicles will probably fall under newer emissions laws and have better fuel economy too, GO GREEN! The cost to maintain and repair a vehicle that age can outweigh by thousands of dollars the cost of just buying newer. The PEACE of Mind of having a reliable vehicle is priceless.

Aside from the old vehicles just needing to be replaced we have a population growth factor. Over 2 million new drivers need cars each year. That includes new residents to the U.S. and general population aging.

The market is no longer saturated with too many vehicles. Due to the decreases in manufacturing during the recession the inventory will be lighter than previous years. Make sure you are among the first to make those purchases because demand is expected to rise by 25% by 2012. The auto industry is poised to have a boom in 2011 and 2012. So take a look around your driveway and your garage, size up those vehicles do some number crunching. Let me know where you calculate peace of mind and start shopping.