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High End Transport takes pride in our Enclosed Auto Transport solutions also known as covered car transport. We have been shipping treasured vehicles door-to-door throughout the country and internationally, for years. You can depend on High End Transport for your valuable car shipping needs. With our fully enclosed auto transport and premium loading and unloading equipment, protecting your investment becomes our top priority. Enclosed auto transportation is one of the safest methods to transport your vehicle. This is the recommended style of transport for all luxury, racing, classic, and high end auto makes and models. Enclosed car transport guarantees your car is not exposed to any outside elements during the trip. Selecting enclosed car transport is like choosing first class over coach.

If you are considering other methods take into account the interactions between your vehicle and dirt, rocks and water to say the least. Ensure the security and safe travel of your car by selecting our expert handlers who take pride in being industry leaders in transporting all vehicle classes.

Protecting your investment and ensuring its safe arrival is just as important to us as it is to you! Getting a custom car transport service quote today is the first step in ensuring the safety of your car. You can fill out our quick form to request a car transport quote or if your ready to go, fill out quick move form to get a quote.

  • Single car hot shot service
  • Private covered car transport for multiple vehicles
  • Special sport ramps or hydraulic lift gates available for extremely low vehicles
  • Soft tie downs to keep vehicle safe and secure
  • Experienced, professional, licensed and insured carriers