Cross Country Car Transport

Cross Country Car Transport

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Across the U.S. these are the services we provide for cross country transport.

Enclosed Transport

State of the art fully enclosed carriers will transport your vehicle. A quicker delivery can be expected because these trucks carry 1-7 cars maximum. Most enclosed trailers have special hydraulic lifts for those low to the ground vehicles. It is most commonly used when transporting exotics, luxury, or classic cars. The automobile will be protected from the elements of nature and will arrive in the same condition as when it was picked up. This is the most requested form of transport for motorcycles.

Door to Door Car Transport

In most cases we will be picking up and delivering your vehicle to the address you have provided. If your vehicle is delivered on a large truck and there are things that would restrict them from driving to your door, you may be asked to meet them in a location of your choice. If this isn’t possible a local flatbed company can be contacted to deliver the car to your door at an extra charge. We will make all efforts to bring the car to your door as long as the city permits.

Open Transport:

Cost efficient open carriers are one of the popular requests for those everyday vehicles. It is less expensive to transport by open carrier than by enclosed carrier. Usually, these carriers transport from 6 to 10 cars, depending on the size of the vehicles being transported. These carriers are also used when the vehicle is oversized and can not fit into an enclosed carrier. Your vehicle will be subject to the same elements of nature as when you are driving (i.e. rain, snow, wind, dirt, bugs, hail & dust).

24 Hour Dispatch:

We have a dedicated dispatch agent on call to provide round the clock service to our contracted carriers. Being there for our carriers 24 hours allows us to efficiently get your cars picked up and delivered on time.

Dedicated truck for HOT SHOT service:

This car transport service is available at a premium charge when you want your car the fastest way possible. A two man drive team and a dedicated truck can be reserved for a Hot Shot delivery. Please contact a Hot Shot Specialist at 305-816-2255.