Updated profile on Transportreviews.com

Updated profile on Transportreviews.com

Most people will go an entire lifetime without ever needing to transport a vehicle but Millions of vehicle transports take place each year! Once you need an auto transport company with one google search you are returned thousands of pages all ready and willing to give you as many quotes as your email can handle. It can all become very overwhelming and most people wind up wasting more “money” in the time spent taking phone calls and reading and answering emails that they never really save anything. There are brokers, carriers, contract carriers, open or enclosed transports, insurance, time frames and inspections.

Most individuals just want to pay a fair price for a reliable transport. We at High End Transport have refined our process to provide just that. Our dealership client base is unrivaled in the industry although we lack the benefit of getting multiple reviews we gain relationships that can last a lifetime. References from a dealer on or near your city can be provided upon request just call (954) 835-4686 ext. 4! Getting a quote (just one) is simple you can click on the website above or go to www.gohet.com, email to [email protected], call us at (954) 835-4686 ext. 4, or fax it in at 954-206-0595. You will be assigned a personal sales representative that will help with any questions and they are available in the office and on their cell phones 7 days a week. The order process is just as simple and we keep you updated during the transport. Once the spot is reserved on the truck we can provide you with your drivers cell phone number for your peace of mind. We have a transport blog on our website with useful information about packing your car, planning your timeframes etc., we also post alot on this blog for our dealerships but our individual customers also find the information useful.

You can find us on twitter, linkedin and facebook! High End Transport accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, cash, cashiers checks, money orders. There are many ways to pay to keep things as simple as possible during the process. Our experience has gained us the ability to run at a 99.3% on time pick up and delivery ratio! We are very proud of that number!!! We understand what it takes to get the job done because we are a broker and a carrier! Whether you are a dealership that needs to ship 100’s of cars at one time or a college student just trying to get back to school High End Transport will get the job done and make you a customer for life! Simple Simple Simple just call (954) 835-4686 ext. 4



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