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My truck, though wrecked and drivable, needed to be rebuilt. Being my baby, and myself in the military, I didn’t want to wait to restore it when I got out of active duty, so I had it sent. The company was very understanding and needed only measurements of the truck as it is oversized from stock. They worked to get me early transport and kept me updated on every notice asap. The only thing I have to say is whoever the driver was they found so early, I didn’t like. I didn’t let his problems affect the review on account that he is not directly working for this company, but my truck, my baby with thousands invested, had 1.8 miles extra on the odometer (very strange for a wrecked, totaled body truck only going from trailer to trailer) and all my change, which was at least 20 bucks in quarters and dimes, was stolen out of my ashtray.

Whoever the driver was didn’t speak very good English either, and had trouble shifting his 1-ton dodge down the road. pretty easy trucks to drive. If I would have been home when he dropped it off I would have confronted him, but it was only my girlfriend at home. High End, however, is a great company and I would love to use them again. October 2009 Sandra: I used High-End Transport to ship our two cars from CA to FL. Scheduled pick-up dates were about two weeks apart and service was provided by two different carriers. Both trucks were early or on-time at both ends, with no problems. If I ever need to ship a car in the future, I will definitely call Ernie at High-End Transport.