Dude! Where’s my car!!!!!!!

Dude! Where’s my car!!!!!!!

It’s not just media hype that every transport magazine and vehicle logistics magazine have multiple articles on the future problems in trucking.   The truth is there are multiple factors plaguing the industry.

Issue 1:  When the market peaked in 2007 there were an estimated 13000 plus car haulers sharing the business. Prices were low and timeframes were fast.  Now in 2011 we are lucky to have 8000 experienced car haulers on the road.

Issue 2:  Many of the experienced drivers have moved on to other careers and have no interest in returning to car hauling.    It takes experience to prevent damage to vehicles and it requires a relatively fit person to handle the physical parts of the job.  This is not a job that any and all truckers can do.  Because each vehicle is different and needs to be tied down, unloaded and loaded in a particular way training new drivers will not be an easy task for this side of trucking.

Issue 3: The trucking industry in general is in high demand and demand for drivers and equipment is causing many companies to offer better benefits and better pay.  Truck Makers and trailer manufacturers have more orders than can be produced in a reasonable amount of time to solve the problem.

Issue 4: All of the above and the price of fuel have caused the price of transport to skyrocket.  We saw this happen in 2008 but it was only due to fuel costs.  Now we have a major truck shortage and demand for transportation increasing and higher fuel prices.  It’s a triple whammy!

So where does that leave the Salesperson or Manager trying to get their cars from another city or state.  We hope it doesn’t leave him/her waiting too much longer but we do want to set the right expectations.  Add a few days more for getting the vehicle picked up and add a few dollars more to be priced right in the new market.  Remember it’s not about paying less and waiting for a spot, there are no more cancellation “spots.”

Where does that leave High End Transport, Inc.   We hope it keeps us where we are and growing, providing good communication with dealers and their customers.  Delivering vehicles in a timely manner for a reasonable market rate and balancing the everyday price and delivery time shifts to bring them to your attention as soon as possible.